True Story, man cut in half, walks again

One day in 1995, Peng Shulin had accident. This accident led to Peng Shulin's body is divided into two parts, namely the head to the waist and rest along the 78 cm waist down.

Peng Shulin then treated in a hospital in China. For 12 years, Peng Shulin lie without being able to walk, because her body is only a 78 cm it did not have legs
, knees and feet. Doctors who deal with Peng Shulin amounted to more than 20 doctors, just trying to Peng Shulin how to survive. One day Peng Shulin desire to walk again. The desire is then in the response by the government of china.

China conducted research into this possibility. Until finally the results of this research provide a comforting answer Peng Shulin. The Chinese government made ​​lower body shape like an egg. The torso Peng Shulin closed using skin from his head. Until eventually piloted the tool in Peng Shulin.

Thanks to a very high spirit, Peng Shulin diligently practice
s runs using the tool, until finally Peng Shulin able to walk again.